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London 2012 Olympic Train Set
This London 1948 train pack, limited to just 1,948 features an exLNER Class N2 locomotive £204

R1126 Mixed Freight
DCC Train set £149

Hornby Hitachi 395 London 2012 Train Set

Hornby R2980
Hornby R3073
Hornby R2907
Hornby R 2803xs
Diesel electric class 31 with sound and DCC

Hornby 2844
St Lawrence Schools class 4-4-0 £87.99

Hornby Trains with Sound DCC

Hornby 2898xs
BR Schools class with sound and DCC £286.89

DCC Ready steam
R2715 DCC ready
BR Class 7500 £69.99

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British Pullman Venice Orient Express Train Set £275

Last Single Wheeler LMS 4-2-2 DCC ready train pack £122


Hornby R3060